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Degree Character on Keyboard

The degrees symbol is allowed as a symbol to indicate temperature, to designate degrees of arcs, and even to reduce the quality of musical harmony. It can be a really useful symbol in chemistry, physics, and other areas of study.

Degree symbol is designed by a small circle in superscript required values. While expressing an angle, The Degree Logo is received right after the numeric digit, without producing any space among it.

There are various ways to represent the ° symbol on our computer keyboard. It will also depend on what operating system we are using.

About the  Degree Symbol

Recognize, the degree symbol that we explain to you to write here is general. That is, only this symbol will agree, with nothing else added to it, as may be the problem with Linux, that there are other systems for the degree to come out next to C or F in terms of degrees of temperature.

Write Degree Symbol in Windows

Degree Symbol using Keyboard Shortcuts

Degree Symbol using Keyboard Shortcuts

Some keyboards previously have the degree symbol predefined in one of the numbers overhead the words or the key. Although that yes, on many minutes, it does not work with especially holding the Shift. Therefore, if it does not get out the first time, you will most probably need to press ALT GR and then the key in question.

Degree Symbol With ALT + ASCII Code

Degree Symbol With ALT Code

Another strong test that nevermore fails is to accept the ASCII code comparable to the degree symbol. This not only applies to this one but to all the symbols that you can expect. Therefore, it is one of the most used options by most writers.

  • First, press the ALT key.
  • Now, you must write the code which is 0176. Then, the sequence would look like this: ” ALT + 0176 “.
  • After correctly performing the method, you will have the sign on your screen.

Degree Symbol - Write to MAC

Degree Symbol on Mac

Just in case, you haven’t taken them into the story, the way to write the degree symbol in MAC is different from Windows. Although as in most states you will have to make a series of keys so that this symbol can appear.

Keyboard in Spanish - Although in all languages ​​it is reasonable to use the organization of keys below, in some cases, the degree symbol is next to the number 1. Now with this, just press SHIFT and then, the key below ESC.

Keyboard in English - In English, it is commonly the same as in Spanish, although in various cases it is only slightly pressed the key below ESC without using Shift. Similarly, the key series can be used if this option cannot be used.

Key Combination - It does not indicate if it is an English or Spanish keyboard, to be capable to write the degree symbol on a MAC laptop, you must connect the keys “Shift + option key + 8”.

How to Insert a Degree Symbol In Google Docs

Degree Sign Using Google Docs

Sometimes you want to add special features to the article you are working on. It could be something like a pointer or brand, but in other events, something less visible, such as a degree symbol, may be needed.

Fortunately, Google Docs can propose various special characters, and one suggested option is the degree symbol. Our sample below explains to you how to add a degree symbol to Google Docs in a few short steps.

The steps above were done on the desktop account of the Google Chrome web browser but will operate on other desktop browsers like Firefox or Edge as well.

There is also a Windows keyboard shortcut for including a degree symbol. You can press Alt + 0176 to add a symbol. Note that you need to use the numbers on the numeric keypad on your keyboard. It won’t work if you are using a numeric sequence over letters.

Instant Option – From the Numeric Keypad

Numeric Keypad for Degree

In Windows OS, as you know, there are many superscript characters at once, but only the most common of them are applied to the standard QWERTY layout buttons. However, this does not mean that the rest cannot be inserted simply with a key.

Only with the help of a separate digital code and through an additional numeric panel, which is found in most full-size computer keyboards and even in some laptops. And even smaller laptops have it, but using it to insert superscript icons is not so convenient, because if you have a laptop with a small keyboard, then it is easier to apply the second option.

Well, or still turn on the additional keyboard with the Num Lock button (it is usually in the top row) and dial the code from it.

So, to quickly insert the degree icon into the text from the numeric keypad, hold down ALT, type 0 1 7 6 and release ALT, and “degree” will immediately appear in the text.

Option Slow – Degree Icon From Ms-Word

Degree Sign in Ms Word

And longer, and not so impressive, but it also works. Just open Microsoft Word, click ” Insert ” in the top menu, then ” Symbol “, find and choose the “Degree” and press the ” Insert ” button from the bottom.

Here you can also assign a keyboard shortcut to which you can insert this symbol into the text of the document in MS Word if in the future you plan to use it often.

Last Words

The consequent time you need to type the degree number on one of your devices, probably, you’ll remember just how simple it is.

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